What’s the Value?

Some people think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is too expensive, or they don’t understand why the price is what it is. If you have a normal gym membership, you’re on your own. Even if you go to SoulCycle, they’re not really teaching you anything but for what it is, you pay significant money. I go to a rock climbing gym that has effectively a Crossfit box attached to it and it’s $90/month… they don’t even teach me stuff. When you go to a Jiu Jitsu gym, they are actively trying to make you better and sharing their expertise and knowledge, watching to make sure you are safe. That is not the experience of a regular gym membership, therefore it should come at a premium.

A monthly membership for scheduled, dedicated instruction in most things would run over $200/month and hopefully that will be the norm soon. We love what we do, and everyday I see what I do changing lives, making people better, helping people. All of the people who run a school have put time into gaining the knowledge and giving it back to you, so that you can enrich yourself. The value is that grappling brings immense positives to your life and whatever price tag is on a good school is probably worth the investment.

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