The Days That Suck

The days that you don’t want to train and make it in are some of the best days sometimes. I’ve never been upset that I trained, but I’ve definitely been mad that I didn’t. Nor do I ever leave in a worse mood than I walked in. The mats are where I feel most comfortable and where I can put the rest of the world away for a bit. One of the black belts in my home town said that he needed at least 10 good reasons to not show up, otherwise he was coming to class. There’s a lot to learned in the classes you’re missing. Even if you’re beat up, you can train light(that is a thing). It’s good to go to class when you don’t feel like it, just as much as when you do. It’s building a habit, it’s making progress, it’s showing yourself that you’re capable of more than you believe. You don’t have to be like me, placing BJJ before almost everything, but when the choice is go to class or sit on the couch, try to pick class more often.

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