We’ve all heard “don’t use strength”, however I don’t think that’s what anyone actually means. Strength is a positive attribute much like flexibility, and it definitely has its uses in grappling. However, attributes can diminish over time, whether that’s strength, flexibility, speed, or anything else. So one translation of don’t use strength could be make sure your jiu jitsu is not attribute based. This is beneficial, because almost always there is someone out there who can match or exceed your best attribute. Another way to look at “don’t use strength” is be effective. Oftentimes, especially in the beginning, people squeeze just to squeeze. Counterintuitively, holding onto something with all your might is not the best way to keep it. This rigidity and tension mostly serves to sap all of your energy, and whether it’s a 5 minute grappling match, an MMA fight, or a self defense situation, beating yourself is never a good feeling.

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