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Sometimes in grappling we end up running into the same traps and brick walls repeatedly. As frustrating as that is, we must shoulder the blame for continuing an inefficient path. With your coach’s help the impetus of your improvement is based on analyzing the understanding of grappling you have and then modifying the parameters to change the circumstances.
one of the things you will find at Chuva BJJ is that you are constantly in similar scenarios rolling with me, but if you watch me roll with someone else the situations change person to person, still the repetitive attacking strategy remains the same because:
1. Each grappler and grappling encounter is different
2. In that my strategy and solutions change
3. Once there is a strategy and solution for the current grappling puzzle, I’m exposing holes and weak points in a student’s approach
4. We now have a weakness and hole to find a solution for
5. Until that solution is found that attack remains viable for exploitation
So let’s say you have spent months driving at the same problem without a change in results. Why is that happening? My guess is you have probably changed very little in your approach throughout that time. So you need a new solution. Your coach can help you find that solution, but it’s not going to do anything if you don’t make an effort to put it into action. If what you are doing isn’t working you must change what you are doing. It is advice that was incredibly frustrating to me when I got it in the locker room at Primero 10 years ago, but much like a lot of things that were said to me early in BJJ, it grew into a tenant of my philosophy, and hopefully it will work its way into yours as well.

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