It’s Hard

Getting into grappling is a commitment, more than I think people realize. Casually doing jiu jitsu doesn’t really exist, because you can’t become proficient at it training once a week, and it’s hard to justify the cost if you do. It’s time, it’s money, it’s energy, and it’s difficult both physically and psychologically. There’s hardly any immediate gratification, and even being mediocre at it takes the same amount of time as an advanced college degree. There’s a special breed of person that sticks with it, with a special kind of damage and trauma. This is not well-adjusted behavior, but it’s great for those that need it. It’s a refuge for myself and so many people I know, and it’s the place where I feel most comfortable. I recommend training to everyone, but it’s not for everyone no matter how much we say it is. If you get into grappling, know that your life is going to be different, and even if we sometimes call ourselves hobbyists, this is not a hobby. It’s a relationship, an occupation, and endeavor, a journey, and many other things, but it’s not going to sit in the corner of your house like needlepoint.


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