How do you see Grappling

That’s a real question, and if you have a response I’d love to hear it.
When I think about grappling, I prefer larger interconnected concepts. Ex: An armbar functions the exact same way no matter the position. So I now know that if I find myself in a position where I have my opponents arm straight an armbar is available. Not everyone is so abstract, many people follow linear progressions, it is the base of the 10th planet system, chaining and understanding what the next steps are following each reaction. There are pluses and minuses both ways, and how I understand BJJ has been sort of atypical at the places I’ve trained, but it also simplifies things when you have the pieces together. In either instance a solid fundamental base is necessary for the success of the system. In my mind, there are less than 20 ways to submit someone, but within those 20 are countless variations, the same goes with takedowns, sweeps, and passes. What you have to do is very simple in most cases, but how you do it is the complicated part, and if you understand what you’re trying to do, you can sort of make up how to do it.

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