I was reading something the other day that talked about habits being the key to success, and it seemed like something to share my thoughts on. Decision fatigue is real, one of the benefits of habits is they limit the number of decisions you make in a day. By having the things you need to do each day mapped out it allows for you to focus better on those things, and the same goes for BJJ. I put my frames in when under side control because I’ve made it a habit, I posture up in closed guard because I’ve made it a habit. by starting with a good foundational habit I allow myself to assess the individual intricacies of each situation better. The same could be said of anything else in life, if you prepare the things you know you need to be ready for the day, you can better handle the unexpected things that come up. Having food prepared makes you less likely to eat out, Getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off makes you less likely to fall back to sleep and be late, and keeping your arms close to your body when your fighting makes you less susceptible to attacks. These are all examples of how habits allow for more positive outcomes. So what is a habit that you can implement to bring a small victory to your daily life?

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