Grappling Makes Life Easier

If you can stick out grappling for a long time, I firmly believe you can do just about anything. Whether it’s judo, wrestling, BJJ or something else, going through that struggle and persevering carries across all other facets of existence. I can not think of another athletic endeavor that is both so physically and psychologically challenging. Grappling sports require incredibly fast critical thinking and processing skills while at same time being physically arduous. If nothing else your ability to acquire new skills dramatically improves as a grappler. The way you solve problems changes. How you see the world changes. In order for that change to occur, you have to get through the hard. That’s where the populace is lost in what we do. The sacrifice required to shift the dynamic of your life through grappling is often too great. The real benefits come when you’ve made it through multiple plateaus in training, and still show up. When you have your first real injury (one you can’t just tape up or put a brace over) and you still come back to the mats. Whatever you have to get through in life grappling can help you navigate it as long as you don’t give up on grappling.

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