Face the Opposition

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art first and foremost. That means we still have to think about training and rolling as combat. Yes, we can work on sporting aspects that we won’t use in a street fight, but the principles of what we do should still remain based in conflict. If nothing else, facing the person we are grappling should remain of great importance in all techniques we utilize. Unlike most grappling styles, there are no pins in BJJ, so there is no need to belly down. Within the confines of submission grappling, BJJ, MMA, or self defense going to our stomach places us at a disadvantage a majority of the time. When you can’t see what’s happening you lower your ability to defend what’s coming making the strikes and submissions of your adversary more effective. Turtle is a last resort and I can’t think of a time where flat is good. In life and in jiu jitsu, face the opposition.

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