Does Anybody Care?

A few years ago Craig Jones went viral for saying nobody cares about gi grappling, and I agree, but I would also go so far as to say nobody cares about grappling in general. We see ADCC this year and it looks amazing, it’s an arena full of people with pyro, projections, and introductions for the athletes, but it’s never going to look like that again. Why is that? Because it shouldn’t, it’s not sustainable. The UFC stopped with high production value shows 200 events ago and the WWE only recently brought back fireworks to their events. Professional grappling isn’t bringing in anywhere near the money of those organizations. The stands are usually pretty empty for Olympic judo and wrestling, same goes for most college wrestling matches. Maybe we can fill an arena every two years for one event, but there’s no reason to believe that it’s consistently repeatable, and I really don’t think that we will see another ADCC of this quality for a while, it’s just not practical. So for those of us that do care, I really hope you’re enjoying the work they’ve put into this event, because I think once Mo Jassim is out, we’re going back to ADCC Finland level shows.

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