BJJ as a Science Class

Training operates like science class, a theory is presented in the form of technique and then we experiment with that theory to strengthen our hypothesis in the form of live training. If that is the case then we must look at drilling/technical training as an exercise in precision. When we train techniques in repetition we are participating in the equivalent of science performed in a vacuum. It is an environment of limited or controlled variables. However, when we enter any form of live training we enter into almost limitless possible outcomes. So then how can the transition from control to chaos be less jarring? Precision, being precise in drilling is great way to control the multitude of possibilities within live training. When you do things consciously over time that becomes how you do things subconsciously, so when you drill do your best to drill technically correct. Heed the words of your coaches and professors. There is a reason they are saying the things they are saying and taking the steps they are taking. If you don’t understand what those reasons are, try asking. There’s a difference between drilling and drilling well, only you can decide whether you’ll be getting the most from your time at the gym.

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