Be Prepared

When you sign up to a BJJ gym, you’re never fully aware of what you’re getting into, so here are some common sense ways to make sure you are helping your teammates and coaches do what they are there to do. Bring water, some places sell water, so if you don’t want to spend money, bring your own. Some places have water for free(us) don’t take advantage of it, grab one bottle per class and fill it up in the sink if you need more, then bring a case of waters at some point to keep the waters free for everyone. Bring the correct training equipment. It is your responsibility to make sure your gi is washed and ready when you want to come to class, if you can’t wash your gi with the frequency that you wish to train, buy another gi, it doesn’t have to be ours, we’re not picky about what you wear. Show up on time, there’s a culture of skipping warmups and thinking it’s okay to be late, that I’m not a fan of. once in a while it’s okay, but consistently is disrespectful to your training partners and your coaches/professors. Make sure you are not taking unnecessary time out of class to do things. water breaks are quick, once you take them step back on the mat as quickly as possible. Overall be courteous of and respectful to the place you train and the people you train with.

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